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Learn About Princess Grace

My Status:

Hello, my sweet little one.

My name is Grace, better known by most as Princess.

I'm so glad you found this special little place that's all Mine. If you have been searching for the right person to control your cock or give it a really good stroking work out, look no further.

I can go from the sweet, sensual, playful Princess that most know and love, to the harder, controlling, taking-everything-from-you for My own pleasure brat that some of you may hope someday to find.

You honestly never know what your going to get with Me.

One thing that makes Me a little different then most in this line of play is the fact I honestly want to know what makes you tick. I want to find all the buttons that make you who you are. Once I do this...your all Mine in every sense of the word.

I don't want to just own your cock, I want your mind, your body, your heart and soul....and yes little one, even your wallet. I want every part of you. You will see this....I want you to share it all with Me, and I will listen, take it all in and then use it, manipulate it, to make it the best call you have ever had. This is My desire, more than anything else. For you to walk away thinking "that was amazing!" Knowing this, gives Me such satisfaction.

Your going to tell Me what you would like, tell Me how long you would like to be kept waiting. In the end, I have to be honest, I really do want to pleasure you. Your fantasies and excitement make Me excited too. And you do want to excite Me, don't you?

The more you whimper and moan, begging for release, the more you excite Me! Beg My little pet, I love to hear it. It gives your Princess a rush.

I want to be more then just your phone fantasy Princess. I want to be the one you long for. I am going to be your salvation, your guiding light. You will learn you crave to talk to Me, not just to stroke you and tease that cock, but also for your own piece of Mind. You may laugh when you read this, not understanding yet. But those of you who have called Me already are just nodding their heading thinking, oh yes.

I will get into your head like no other....and then you will see. I am going to be the prescription for your addiction.